"DOSSIER_SCAN_REMIX" (2023) is an audio-visual clip that briefly showcases fragments of the most significant moments from the Brazilian duo 100%, their cross-media speculative work of fiction, as well as their trajectory as trans-disciplinary artists in the past two years. Similar to a remixed track, significant elements that compose a specific universe are rearranged not only to surprisingly resemble an already well-known piece, but also to transform and enhance unpredictable ways of perceiving it. In "DOSSIER_SCAN_REMIX," the conceptual and material wills of the artists are scanned to be intuitively cut-up, chewed, reversed, and remodeled, providing the viewer/listener with new ways to access 100%'s ambiance and fiction. The soundtrack was recorded during a live performance by 100% held in Rio de Janeiro in July 2022. Some scenes in "DOSSIER_SCAN_REMIX" present that performance, while others revisit some 100%'s pieces, thus adding visual and sound layers to the latter and propelling the REMIX aim towards this audio-visual clip.