NoPattern - Creative Practice With Chuck Anderson (A Film by ZORA)

This open-edition mint is a collectible produced in collaboration with ZORA, who filmed and edited the piece. The video takes a deeper look into NoPattern Studio, the creative practice of Chuck Anderson. This free mint comes ahead of a new collaboration between ZORA and Chuck that will be announced on May 19th, 2023.

Chuck Anderson is an artist, designer, and creative director whose studio, NoPattern, has been commissioned by brands like Nike, Microsoft, ESPN, Apple, Vans, and The New York Times. Chuck has been deeply involved in digital and creative culture over the last 20 years, having spoken at schools and conferences around the world. As the co-founder of the popular early internet blog, THE BRILLIANCE!, the founder of the podcast Life & Limb (2014-15), and Friends With Benefits' "Pirate Radio," Chuck has interviewed dozens of renowned luminaries, including Futura, IX Shells, Virgil Abloh, Benjamin Edgar, Timothy Saccenti, Jen Stark, Godmin [Heaven Computer], The Haas Brothers, and Sarah Zucker, among others.

Special thanks to Christopher Cunningham of Loupe Fine Art Printing in Chicago.