Café 11

Hennessy is proud to partner with Friends with Benefits to launch our exclusive web3 membership offering, Café 11. We welcome Café 11’s founding members to join Hennessy as we bring 250 years of cultural innovation to the world of web3.

Those who choose to hold the Café 11 NFT will be treated to wholly distinctive experiences across the globe in the years to come: expect raised glasses at golden hour, gatherings to revel in the songs of the season, and communing with local legends, collaborative spirits, artists and performers of every flavor.

Each membership comes in the form of this NFT featuring bespoke digital artwork by John P. Dessereau, a celebrated New York-based artist. Holding the Cafe 11 NFT will grant you eligibility to access to our inaugural Café 11 event taking place on December 1st 2022 during Art Basel in Miami.

Commencing from 11am to 11pm——a nod to the centuries-old “tasting hour” observed by Hennessy’s master blender——the event will include conversations at the intersection of technology and culture, world class culinary experiences, cognac tastings, and live music performances. It will be an experience to remember, designed to foster authentic connection and innovation among our discerning community.

We are offering a limited collection of 1765 cultural memberships to Café 11, as a mark of respect to the year of Hennessy’s foundation. With our shared passion for pushing the boundaries of what culture can be, Friends with Benefits and Hennessy invites those who find beauty in the curious to follow along and join us in redefining this future.

You must be of legal drinking age in your country or region to purchase and own a Café 11 NFT.