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Cammy & Mike

Landing July 9th 🛸

A group of writers from around the world came together with a simple goal: to make one of the first original IP co-owned by the community who created it. This story, written in our inaugural digital Creator Room on, is about two interstellar robots who land on earth with the desire to record, explore, and discover everything.

In partnership with Tippett Studio and Adim Chairman Rob McElhenney, Adim has produced a short film, and are now asking YOU, the creators and early supporters to help us extend the Adventures of Cammy & Mike. At, anyone who contributes can rise through the leaderboards for their submissions and potentially earn rights to future royalties for their support.

By collecting the Adventures of Cammy & Mike, you're not only showing your support for the project but you also receive an exclusive digital commemoration of the launch. The best part? A portion of the proceeds will go to future development of the project and to the contributors who made the film, so you’re directly supporting creators.

Join us and post a screenshot of your collectible for a chance to earn additional rewards! Link below.