Private Room (music video)

Directed and Produced by YUNICE, Seker Factory
Camera: YUNICE, Zach Ginnever
Editors: YUNICE, Jamee Cornelia
Music: YUNICE, Tristan Boston

There's a yearning for inhibition that can only be satiated in private. This piece depicts the artist performing when the audience is solely herself. By recording alone on a webcam, YUNICE found the prowess to move for the camera freely, capturing moments that would have never existed otherwise.



Chapter 1: Private Room
Private Room is a comeback queen story. I self-recorded this video at the lowest point of my life. It's true I made this video on a 0 budget, filmed straight from a laptop camera. But that's all part of the story of this drop. It's a piece of art as a result of getting rekt'd.

You see, my journey from trader to web3 artist started in Summer 2022. I moved from Lisbon to LA on survival mode. Overnight I lost everything- my financial security, my relationship, my apartment. It was a true crypto smackdown. I was betrayed by someone I considered family. I was lost.

But when you're lost, you have nothing left to lose. I started making music again. I researched releasing music on the blockchain and attended ANY web3 events I could find. I wrote "Private Room" with grammy producer Tristan Boston, and Private Room EP was made.

Dropping Private Room EP onto web3 on November 11th 2022 marked the beginning of this chapter. Since then I have released a total of 14 songs (incl. collabs), across 7 marketplaces, with 1313 collectors, generating 11 ETH of traffic.

It is now time to close this chapter, and move on to

Chapter 2: The Serpent (A Music + Performance Art piece)