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Visions From Volans

Visions from Volans Part 1


Year 2522
Planet Earth

For over 400 years, the Earth has been barren of art. Generations have come and gone, not knowing a single drop of art. Children have born and died without hearing a single song, without seeing a painting, a sculpture. Even flowers are highly rare, for the natural world has been almost completely taken over by the Empire's expansion and mining efforts.

Tuulay has a vision from beings of Volans, a distant planet. They show him music for the first time and take him from Earth to Volans, but the Empire will not let Tuulay leave without a fight. An epic battle in space takes it’s toll. The Volanian welcome Tuulay to their planet with an ecstatic celebration and song.


  1. Visions from Volans
  2. Leaving Earth
  3. Turbulence & Loss
  4. HyperBop

This original video was made using Deforum AI.