Luke Gromen: Why you Should Prepare for a MASSIVE Economic Shift

“Energy is the base layer of money” - that’s how our guest Luke Gromen puts it in today’s episode.

Luke is an Author and Investor who gives us a completely new way to look at money, through the lens of energy costs.

The essential learning of today’s show is that you can’t understand money until you understand energy markets. Apart from that Luke explains why the price of oil is about to force a monetary system change, why the 60/40 portfolio is dead and much more.


0:00 Intro
3:10 Luke’s Thesis
9:36 Energy lens
20:36 Arc of the Dollar
25:44 Why Oil?
28:44 Energy as a Denominator
35:25 Energy Price Changes
42:44 Energy Miracles
53:38 Monetary System Change
1:04:57 Capital Controls
1:12:28 Future of the US
1:19:12 How to Prepare
1:24:53 Closing & Disclaimers


Luke Gromen


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Visualizing the History of Energy Transitions