Ethereum ETF Pitch Battle: How to Sell ETH to Wall Street!

The Ethereum ETF is coming. What’s the best narrative for ETH to sell to TradFi/Wall Street? Ryan and David discuss the 7 leading ETH Narratives and then have a pitch-off amongst themselves. Each of them prepared a 1-2 minute pitch and then they each spend some time unpacking each other’s pitch and analyzing each point. Bankless Citizens get to vote - whose was better? Ryan or David’s? The winner gets a bragging rights POAP.



0:00 Intro

2:26 Eric Balchunas

4:44 ETH Narratives

5:58 Ethereum is a Tokenization Platform

9:07 Ethereum is an app store

13:21 Operating system and app store

16:41 ETH is Digital Oil

20:02 ETH is an Internet Bond

23:02 Programmable Money

25:22 "ETH is Ultra Sound Money"

27:49 Pitches + Debrief/Analysis + Vote

38:59 Closing & Disclaimers

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