Mastering the Art of Selling ETH to TradFi

Sam Jernigan, the “Unofficial ETH Maxi of Wall Street”, has been evangelizing Ethereum to institutional funds and billionaires from inside the house for the past five years.

Having the perfect blend of deep Ethereum knowledge and the full Wall Street experience, Sam guides us through how he became an ETH Maxi, why the lack of understanding of ETH in TradFi is the most bullish case for the asset and what the future holds for ETH institutional adoption.


0:00 Intro
3:48 Defining TradFi
16:05 Ethereum’s P/E Ratio
19:50 Sam’s Background
36:45 Becoming an ETH Maxi
48:58 The State of ETH in TradFi
53:38 ETH Bull Case
1:02:11 The Flippening
1:05:36 ETH ETF
1:12:51 Security vs Commodity Debate
1:17:25 TradFi: Friend or Foe?
1:28:04 Regulation
1:39:31 Closing & Disclaimers


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