Donald Trump $DJT Memecoin Explained

Bankless Friday Weekly Rollup
3rd Week of June 2024

The SEC drops all charges against Ethereum 2.0—could it now be recognized as a commodity? Plus, hints surface about the launch date of the ETH ETF!

Airdrop season is still alive and well! LayerZero and zkSync tokens launched recently. Find out if you’re eligible and the market’s reaction.

And, did Baron Trump really launch a DJT memecoin on Solana? We unpack the latest buzz and drama. Tune in for all the details and so much more!


0:00 Intro


8:37 ETH Price & ETH ETF Going Live

12:05 Total Crypto Market Cap

12:48 L2Beat

17:42 Combo ETH + BTC ETF

20:36 AIRDROP Season in full swing
Bankless Claimables and AIrdrop Hunter

31:00 MOTHER + DADDY Update

33:14 What’s going on with $DJT?

46:32 U.S. SEC closes investigation in Ethereum!

50:24 BitWise launches a new Ethereum ad for their incoming ETH ETF

53:18 Kraken exploit for 3m and some drama - vs Certik

59:39 Donald Trump wants all remaining Bitcoin to be 'Made in USA'

1:01:11 Optimism & Tether Releases

1:03:50 Bankless ETHCC Meetup

1:05:15 Who won the ETH ETF Pitch competition?

1:06:50 Another voting for Bankless Nation!

1:08:44 MEME of the Week

1:09:22 Closing & Disclaimers

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