The Biggest Day in $ETH History

Bankless Friday Weekly Rollup
4th Week of May


0:00 Intro


18:54 How the odds of an ETH ETF approval suddenly swung in our favor

26:28 Letter Urging ETH ETF Approval from Congress - THIS MORNING

29:50 Promethum is launching its Ethereum custody

32:16 FIT21 passes the House 279 - 136 🎉

43:12 Another win for crypto this week - “Choke Point Marty is done”
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Exhibit C:
Exhibit D:
Exhibit E:

53:32 ETH ETF just reopened the window for protocol airdrops!

55:09 Yuga Labs ‘Punk World’

56:46 We finally found out what was the Uniswap Wells notice about

1:01:28 Binance executive denied bail in Nigeria amid $35 million money laundering trial
Binance CEO Richard Teng in a blog post

1:04:02 Bankless is launching 'Bankless Onchain' Phase II: Mint Our History
Mint Bankless Archive here:
Mint new episodes here:

1:05:44 Raises and BVC Investments
Farcaster has raised $150M! At Valuation $1B

1:06:30 MEME of the Week

1:07:16 Moment of Zen