Why the Ethereum ETF is Bullish $ETH | Matt Hougan of Bitwise

Matt Hougan is the CIO at Bitwise, and has been one of the best people to talk to when it comes to understanding the ETF process, and the impact of ETFs on the crypto markets.

Today we dive into the specifics on what exactly the ETF approval means for ETH.

00:00 Intro
05:46 What Exactly Happened?
08:45 Was This Really Political?
12:11 Who's Responsible For This
16:46 Next Steps For ETF
20:36 Matt's ETF Story
22:44 ETF Price Impact
27:38 ETF Inflow Predictions
34:50 Explaining The ETH Narrative
38:23 Matt's 2 Minute Pitch
45:12 How Bitwise's Job Changes
49:01 ETH Charts
54:31 Legislation

Matt on X: https://x.com/Matt_Hougan

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