How Money & Markets Really Work with Kyla Scanlon

Is it all vibes? Always has been.

Kyla Scanlon is a writer, podcaster, analyst, founder of financial education company Bread, and an all around brilliant explainer of things hard to explain.

Expect to learn why economies are vibe reflectors, Kyla’s “economic kingdom” model and an overview on the current state of economic affairs.

Financial literacy is a superpower and Kyla managed to compress this topic that people have been trying to figure out for ages in an easy to understand economics toolbox.


0:00 Intro
4:09 The Vibes Economy
9:24 Understanding Money & Finance
14:18 The Economic Kingdom
17:51 The Monetary Castle
25:49 The Fiscal Castle
35:01 Vibes are the Economy
51:00 The Deciders
55:32 Housing Market
1:01:34 The Labor Market
1:08:12 Wealth Inequality
1:13:48 Energy
1:17:38 The Economics Toolbox
1:22:40 What’s Next for Kyla
1:27:40 Closing & Disclaimers


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