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Sunk / Surfacing

A creative collaboration between British-Australian artist Harry Heart (@harryheartau) & acclaimed British Freediver, photographer & captain Mark Tilley (@_mr_tilley).

Sunk / Surfacing includes two songs and eight underwater still images.

About Mark Tilley

"38, British Freediver, photographer and captain...

Born and raised in Reading, UK. I started fishing aged 9 and summers spent in Cornwall at my grandmother's inspired my love for the sea.

Studied Marine Biology at Swansea university and since then have travelled through 42 countries seeking marine life interactions, underwater photography opportunities as well as sailing and spearfishing along the way.

Been freediving for nearly 15 years, taking photos for 8 and it is my favourite way to explore the underwater realm....

Met Harry at a festival in Brighton in 2022 :)"

About Harry Heart
"I'm a British-Aussie artist, usually found somewhere in Manchester or Queensland. I like my work to feel safe but edgy, organised but messy. Always some sort of duality involved.

I've been lucky enough to tour and record since I was a teenager. I've released two albums independently along with a few EPs. I love the DIY ethos, and working with people that embrace a challenge and want to do something completely new.

Mark and I clicked at The Great Escape 2022, the last person I expected to meet that week was a freediver. We thought it'd be cool to work together."