Meet Purrcilla. The only commonalities between her world and ours are spliffs, cell phones, sex, and shea butter.

Purrcilla’s got prowess, flair, and big, bushy hair. She’s sexy and elusive. Sultry and cheeky. Frisky, foxy, and flirty. She’s magic, enchanting, and easy to fall in love with. She’s wild and unpredictable and in a league of her own.

Clearly, Purrcilla is an attention whore and her primary love language is quality time. She wouldn’t let me stop working on her until everything was just right and I got her angles. Don’t tell her I said this, but I’d say she was worth all 94 hours taken to complete. She even made a smooth and sexy playlist for y’all, to be enjoyed in order, called 1-800-BIG-PURR: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/56oFjBrYoRWhkWMVyKIjch?si=nKZjwm0fThCdAi7jjWofwg

This piece was two years in the making. I implore you to zoom in to all of the little details, textures, and love that was put into this! I’ll be sharing more information on “Big Purr”’s process, along with its timelapse, on my socials so be on the lookout for that 🤗

3500px by 4375px, made with love in Procreate.