Wave Interference

This artwork is part of the WAVE drop, the inaugural showcase of art presented by N3XTWAVE Collective, exclusively distributed on ZORA Network as a free mint.

WAVE reflects the essence of our collective, signifying our unity through a synchronised mint.
WAVE embodies a powerful force, representing our aspirations as a fresh and influential art group to make a significant impact on the current art scene.
WAVE signifies perpetual motion, mirroring the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 that we actively shape everyday.

Each WAVE mint from N3XTWAVE Collective is a ripple sparking waves of inspiration and creativity, expanding the horizons of artistic expression.
Join us in making waves by minting the WAVE Drop!


Particles passing through two openings interfere with each other's trajectory, resulting in the wave interference pattern. However inexplicably, should another single particle pass through one of the openings alone and experience no interference, it will act as if it does…