VVΛV3 Zorb

This artwork is part of the WAVE drop, the inaugural showcase of art presented by N3XTWAVE Collective, exclusively distributed on ZORA Network as a free mint.

WAVE reflects the essence of our collective, signifying our unity through a synchronised mint.
WAVE embodies a powerful force, representing our aspirations as a fresh and influential art group to make a significant impact on the current art scene.
WAVE signifies perpetual motion, mirroring the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 that we actively shape everyday.

Each WAVE mint from N3XTWAVE Collective is a ripple sparking waves of inspiration and creativity, expanding the horizons of artistic expression.
Join us in making waves by minting the WAVE Drop!


VVΛV3 Zorb, adrift on a fluid journey, rides the wave of change, collective energy, inspiration, and the eternal current of creativity.


VVΛV3 Zorb, Animated GIF Art by V5MT, 2023.

Animated GIF ∞ Loop | 1080x1080px | 120 frames | 32 colors