ZEROPOD ONCHAIN, Ep. 24: Zora Cofounder Jacob

On episode 24 of the Zero Rights Reserved podcast, host Toady Hawk from The Noun Square sits down with Jacob, cofounder of Zora to talk about everything onchain. We hear about Jacob's early days at Coinbase, talk about how Zora came to be and how it has evolved over the past 4 years, what Farcaster and onchain content means for the future of media distribution and much, much more-- including some alpha about what's next for Zora!

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00:00 - Jacob on Farcaster
02:41 - ZeroPod intro
03:20 - Toady apologizes for constantly trying to break Zora
04:44 - Jacob’s personal onchain origin story
05:50 - Messing around with Bitcoin and Colored Coins
06:30 - Discovered by Coinbase, moving from Sydney to SF
06:47 - From literal Coinbase Intern to USDC Project Lead
07:49 - The appeal of Uniswap and the paradigm of protocols
08:50 - “The Long Sleeve of Crypto”
09:40 - What is the reason for the success of “The Coinbase Mafia”?
12:23 - Four Years of Zora: The History. “Ideas are valuable.”
14:00 - Making it easier to bring content onchain
15:00 - Designing for media first
16:26 - Huge stats, huge growth
19:00 - Zora compared to the other NFT platforms
19:39 - The Zora L2
20:08 - Pepe week, shared PTSD
21:27 - Why OP Stack?
22:19 - The decision to make Zora multi chain: good vibes only
23:36 - Zora abstracting the bridging experience
26:50 - Creator Rewards - A Primary Royalty?
31:00 - The secret weapon: Create in one place, disperse everywhere
32:08 - The evolution of the Zora homepage
33:00 - Experimentation with content discovery
35:00 - Jacob on Farcaster’s 3 year long “Overnight success”
39:00 - The power of crypto content distribution on Farcaster
41:09 - The future of Frames
43:59 - Opens Deals type service in a Frame?
45:00 - $DEGEN Specific Client?
46:11 - Talking about from Nouns PropHouse
47:29 - What is Nouns could give away $nouns instead?
48:20 - What attracted Jacob to Nouns?
51:29 - Ideas for the future of Nouns, disrupt the film production industry
54:52 - What should Nouns maybe do less of?
55:00 - Lamenting the loss of Nouns AI
56:00 - The future for onchain creators
58:00 - Jacob puts Toady in charge of Zora for 3 months (verbal contract)
1:01:00 - “Have fun, be fast.”
1:03:00 - Alpha!

Podcast recorded by Toady Hawk, edited by Toady Hawk and JackWyldes. Hosted by Toady Hawk. Music by Toady Hawk x Suno AI.

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