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As part of S.E.E.D.'s initiatives for the year 2024, the collective, along with the ZORA marketplace and other invited artists/creators, present S.E.E.D.: ZORA COLLECTIVE DROP V1.0

Through S.E.E.D.: ZORA COLLECTIVE DROP V1.0, the collective proposes a first round of invention and minting of pieces from each of its 9 participants, also inviting 11 other artists/creators to join this creation movement in WEB3, with a focus primarily on the production of Brazilian artists/creators and representatives from the Global South. Unprecedented, the pieces presented in COLLECTIVE DROP V1.0 — a total of 20 pieces, from 20 participants — were specially conceived for the occasion, highlighting the specificities of the research, languages, and poetics of each of the creators.

S.E.E.D.: ZORA COLLECTIVE DROP V1.0 is a movement of the collective that aims, among its main principles, to underscore the prolific production of the group, active in WEB3 and through IRL projects since 2021, as well as to showcase and boost the production of other Brazilian/Global South artists/creators and their research. Most of the invited artists already have a significant presence in WEB3; however, they are prompted by the mobilization of S.E.E.D.: ZORA COLLECTIVE DROP V1.0 to launch their first pieces on the ZORA platform.

S.E.E.D.: ZORA COLLECTIVE DROP V1.0 is a multifaceted technological creation device, with possibilities for initiation and assembly that are unimaginably complex and surprising, changing with each attempt at connection, depending on the work proposal of each of the participants and the worlds they point towards.