I Must Fight All My Nightmares

Those who are with me in this war, those who risked their lives in the hands of other demons to help me, are also those created in my nightmares. I don't consider myself a hero, without them it wouldn't have been possible for me to win this fight. It is thanks to them that my body has adapted to all impacts. I must say that the fight continues, the blood of each of us continues to flow. Again, thanks to them, I am healing without my wounds forming scabs and without losing sleep for days due to pain. Thanks to them, the feelings I feel while sleeping and my brain that feels like it's going to explode while trying to fall asleep are at peace.

We left victories behind, we have no reason to look back. There is no eerie surface covering the land or the sky. All the bad words that came out of their mouths were to ward off those of their kind, so I was never offended. The scary masks they wore were necessary for some because they weren't scary enough yet. The reason for this was me, I underestimated them in my dreams and made them turn into cute things. However, in war, they needed these masks during the fight. The enemies they faced were in need of defeat common to each of us. We couldn't win them over to our side without defeating them.

October, 2023 by Demon Ego