SOLO VOS | Sol Siete šŸ”“

This is "SOLO VOS," my first unreleased music video launched in Web3. I'm Sol Siete, a singer and songwriter from Buenos Aires, and I'm deeply involved in MusicaW3: a community of independent musicians united by blockchain technology.
This little gem is an essential part of a collective drop in collaboration with the CASA KISMET project, supported by Energy DAO and ZORA.CO.

You can only find this unique piece on ZORA.CO; Not available in Web2 platforms. This digital collectible represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of my career, which has been rolling since 2021 in web3, and we've made it available to everyone to promote the adoption of blockchain technology. I'm giving it to you with lots of love as a token of gratitude for what web3 has given me and to welcome those who feel empathy with this song.

šŸ‘‰ If you mint this NFT, you'll be helping me sustain the expenses of this video, giving me the opportunity to continue growing in my career as an independent singer

Behind the creation:

The song elves into themes of personal growth, exploring how we face and overcome the challenges that life presents. The song pays tribute to the courage and determination required to escape the trap of a beautiful yet enthralling city. This musical creation provides a reflective and moving experience."

This is your chance to be part of the forefront of digital music culture. Get your hands on it and join those who appreciate the convergence of creativity and technology in the Web3 world. Let's show ourselves that we are ready to redefine the value of art.

And we can't forget to mention that "SOLO VOS" was directed by Facundo Gutierrez, who also produced the track and introduced me to this beautiful blockchain world. Facundo is the producer of my song "Haiku," which is also minted on Zora.CO.

Make sure you hold onto this digital gem forever.

Created during Kismet Casa - Creator House 2023