33 Reimagining Art Practice with UFO — Ivano Salonia

Ivano Salonia is the creative director of UFO, based in Amsterdam. An artist, musician and creator in extended realities and virtual worlds.

Since July 2022, Ivano and Nick Hollins have been creating the visual identity, art and brand of UFO. We went to ETH Tokyo in April and hacked on a UFO project with Lens Protocol and Livepeer. We just built a website at ufo.fm — an onchain radio station and club for music, arts and ideas.

We talk about Ivano’s artistic practice starting out in advertising, design and brand. Doing work with global companies and agencies. How he became interested in making art in virtual reality, and experiments with AI and generative tools such as Midjourney.

Diving into the web3, crypto and NFTs space from 2020. Working on projects including the motorcycle art video game Night Run with Matto from Hypercastles, and designing the 3D records for the Metalabel Quality Drops.

notes ~ https://ufo.mirror.xyz/A7esAVQeLL7hqSGQ8twWIjkRjbY1GIQ0HJVe0xE1Nmg