37 Serendipity Machines & Hypercultures — LGHT + Gami

LGHT is a creator, artist and writer who explores web3, art, NFTs, DAOs, memetic icons, hypercultures and more at lght.mirror.xyz. Publishing imaginative concepts, research, insights and models.

Gami is our first returning guest, a member of Nouns and founder of Gnars DAO. This recording was the first time these two have met each other “in person” for a conversation.

We jam about memetic icons, skateboarding, hyperstructures, minting onchain, psychedelic experiences and the future of the internet. Wandering into the philosophical, a few concepts were struck upon: serendipity machines, and ever increasing novelty in the universe as per Terence McKenna.

notes ~ https://ufo.mirror.xyz/hvVJdLF9MN7gsliUfBqProXhE-gtA2xDQt697v8tFU8