39 Producing in The Metaverse with BasedAF — SuperMassive

Robin Schmidt aka SuperMassive is the founder and CEO of BasedAF.

Multi-award winning film director and creative. That dude what ran an ULTRAmarathon in VR Chat. Sponsored by FRAZ, the No1 beverage in the Metaverse.

He also produced YouTube videos with The Defiant all through DeFi summer and the NFT run from 2021.

Now he’s stepped out of the crypto world, jumping into another industry that’s at the edges: The Metaverse. Fucking about with what’s possible, and experimenting with virtual content creation.

notes ~ https://ufo.mirror.xyz/KR_2CLshinnCG84Yhvq--zdceWcWGDfyWMWy-Odn7UA