Portrait XO: AI as a Collaborative Sparring Partner (A Film by Zora)

How can AI challenge and augment human creativity?

At the heart of this documentary is an exploration of Portrait XO's hybrid approach to human-machine collaboration. Delve into her investigations and interrogations of various technologies that question the boundaries of artistic expression. Her debut research-based AI audiovisual album, 'Wire,' serves as an example of this approach, as she collaborates with her "other" AI self.

This twin entity was birthed by pioneering AI audio data scientists at Dadabots, originating from 1-hour audio of her vocal recordings. Different to text-based approaches, this method of using her own audio for input and output has resulted in what Portrait XO defines as a revolutionary application for songwriting and music making.

She’s been researching and exploring the boundaries of bias in data, identity, sound, art, science, and AI. Join us as we explore 'Wire,' her intricate AI audiovisual project, and immerse yourself in the vibrant 'Sound Obsessed' hybrid arts community she has cultivated.

‘There isn’t any AI model I’ve tried that does this: pure audio of unpredictable, unexpected lyrics and melodies I’ve never sung before that combines vocal techniques in really fascinating ways. I’d love to collaborate with my favourite vocalists with this approach. We need to regularly step out of our comfort zones and allow our limitations to be pushed beyond what we ever imagined to create something new that inspires us.’ - Portrait XO