Zora Wars #1: The Plague Doctor

Zora Wars Series: #1 The Plague Doctor

Welcome to the world of Zora Wars.
This is a special NFT collection released in anticipation of the launch of the Zora network.

The idea for creating this collection came about after discovering an incredible NFT collection that drew inspiration from the Star Wars universe. However, I wanted to create something darker that also incorporated elements of the medieval era.

And so, the idea of creating the series (yes, there will be more!) called Zora Wars was born. The first NFT ($ZRW1) showcases my interpretation of a dark Sith knight, embodying the role of a plague doctor – a character commonly associated with the dark times of the Middle Ages.

Why is the limit set at 1977 items?

The answer is simple – it represents the year of the release of the first Star Wars film! Specifically, we're referring to Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.