Episode 018 --- Kyt

Kyt is a visual artist from New York by way of Los Angeles. We talk about her very early obsession with the internet and computer art while being in a strict household and having that all kept at arm's length, her strained but ultimately successful journey through art school, being given the title "Junior Graphic Design Apprentice" at her first job, GIFs leading to work with Miley Cyrus, how meeting Flying Lotus led to a long relationship working with Adult Swim, starting and running her own studio DAISY and the burnout that came with it, her introduction to and journey with NFTs, what she's been up to in 2023, her work with Two Shell, surviving burnout, and how she got her 3-letter Instagram handle.

Episode artwork by Chuck Anderson/NoPattern Studio. Episode music & production by Yuri Rybak & Josh Chin.