Episode 019 --- Marc Horowitz

Marc Horowitz is a prolific Los Angeles-based artist who works in painting, performance, sculpture, and much (much) more. We have a super fun, very wide-ranging talk about dreams and if you should tell people about them, growing up in the midwest and heading to LA, how he manages to work across so many mediums while avoiding worrying about categories, stopping painting to work in more experimental media and returning to it after a 12 year break, launching his own experimental crypto in 2015, buying a log cabin in Montana, getting a grant from Nouns DAO to produce his absurdist video series 'Worst Case Decision', his relationship with Stefan Simchowitz, and we talk Hole DAO, he and Yuri Rybak's idea to raise money to...dig a hole.

Episode artwork by Chuck Anderson/NoPattern Studio. Episode music & production by Yuri Rybak & Josh Chin.