Episode 021 --- Benjamin Edgar

Benjamin Edgar is visionary multi-disciplined designer from Chicago and happens to be one of host Chuck Anderson's oldest friends. Having formed seminal early internet blog THE BRILLIANCE! together in 2005 (later joined by Virgil Abloh in 2006), Chuck and Benjamin have a storied history and much to talk about. An overarching point of discussion in this interview focuses around beginnings and the start of an idea. Benjamin has become well known for his wide-ranging object designs including a Carrara marble clothes hanger, his infamous single cigarette holder, candles, incense holders, clothing, sculptor's stools, a stainless steel mug that weighs 2.75 lbs, and much, much more. We discuss all of this and more including a prolific 2023, daily routines & workouts impact on ideas, some dream objects Ben would love to make one day, and Ben shares how he would show Chicago to someone visiting for the first time.

Episode artwork by Chuck Anderson/NoPattern Studio. Episode music & production by Yuri Rybak & Josh Chin.