"PietyForTheseAcceleratedTimes" draws inspiration from Maximiliano Barrientos' novel "Thousands of Eyes," taking us on a journey through roads where trees and bodies merge with steel and chrome. It's a high-speed adventure crafted for those who love speed.

The final piece will be a 3D animation in video format, using Miguel Ángelo sculpture "La Pietà" as a reference to Renaissance idealism, aiming to portray the ideal of beauty and youth. An eternally young and beautiful mother, full of tenderness, displaying pain as she holds her deceased son in her arms.

In the novel "Thousands of Eyes," death is presented as a ritual to release a mysterious entity capable of transforming the world through a sports car.

The scene will unfold in a 3D space filled with flowers, plants, skin, metals and technological remains. Each element's design will blend the technological with the organic.

This piece aims to be a portrait of the fast times we live in, showcasing the fusion between human society and technology, emphasizing life's fleeting passage through the various scenarios of everyday life.

Each mint sketch serves as an entry to win a 1/1 piece once sketches are sold out.

"PietyForTheseAcceleratedTimes" is my first piece in an experiment with Sketchbook.wtf .
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