human emotions study

Study of Body/Performance/Facial Expressions/Human Emotions.

In this study, I simulate and experiment with basic human emotions. Through registering, I can analyze how faithful my simulated expressions are in relation to the spontaneous ones. There are different lists of emotions considered universal, so in order to come up with a more concise one, I asked the GPT chat to list authors, relate them, and thus create a new list. As a neurodivergent (undiagnosed) artist, I recently became aware of the concept of "masking", which fit like a glove, giving meaning to my efforts when performing in social situations. When I studied movement and language in the performing arts department, specifically when studying facial expressions, I realized that our bodies inevitably feel emotions when simulating them. My insight was that there was no difference between performing and existing, since I was constantly masking, thinking it was natural, and that it worked like that for everyone. I try every day, in comfortable environments, to take off the mask. There are few people who don't demand a complete social performance from me, without the risk of misunderstoods, like thinking that I don't care or that I despise them when i'm not smiling constantly, or not looking on the eyes. Having a home was essential to get to know myself beyond the versions of myself created to please other people. And doing this work reminded me of this conscious effort -to perform-, it was funny to subject myself to doing this after this whole process, but maybe I'm even a professional at it.