Barcelona has always been a source of imagination. A blank canvas used by many. Tourists, commuters, locals, and day-trip visitors alike have walked its streets, talked to its people, tasted its cuisine — all contributing to an enduring sense of timelessness. Yet, the city finds itself in a state of perpetual change, demanding a continuous birth of new communities, shared spaces, and movements to define its identity and the ones that transit it.

To convey this idea, we created a song and visualizer; putting together fragments of videos captured by members of our community, offering a glimpse into their unique perspectives. The artwork is inspired by the often-overlooked industrial heritage of Barcelona. Created by reinterpreting Mies van der Rohe’s “The Pavillion”; an iconic architectural representation of the city. It was first built to be showcased to the world at the 1929 International Exposition.

Starting in 2024, Oval is putting together a series of concert and club nights, community events, suppers, and writing camps — designed to foster cross-pollination among individuals who have come to the city in search of something more: a spotlight, a sense of belonging. We believe we can build something better, and we want to do it onchain.