"Efervescencia" is an artwork and poem that illustrates artists uniting in both digital and physical spaces, emphasizing their shared creativity and community. They connect online through chat rooms and digital art, resembling stars in the night sky.

Transitioning to in-person meetings symbolizes a bold step into a new world, guided by a sense of belonging.

Ultimately, the nine artists unite and create in web3, highlighting the significance of digital and physical connections in their artistic journey.

"In the realm of art and shared spaces,
We craft a tapestry of thoughts and faces.
A digital world, where we coexist,
With vaporwave vibes,
and memeart we twist.
Home, sweet home, from a distance to near,
We soar through the sky;
our paths now clear.
Ten creators, ten artists,
together we soar, Creating in web3, face to face, once more."