Help Tom Rohrer get Stem Cell Therapy

Tom has endured 4 total longterm knee injuries throughout his skate career and is still recovering from his most recent one that he initially injured way back in November. It’s been a brutal recovery, resulting in constant tweaks and setbacks, and a terribly long healing process.

The MRI he got showed no ligament tears and no severe injury, but the pain he's felt since makes it feel as if there was. Struggling with knee pain the past few years has made it hard to skate for more than a couple hours. Unfortunately surgery won’t fix this in the long run, so it’s been suggested by Dr. Dave, a professional skate doctor in Southern California, that Tom gets Stem Cell Therapy. It’s a regenerative form of medicine that will rebuild the damaged cartilage in both his knees. Unfortunately, insurance will not cover this.

Now with this what feels like never-ending injury, there is nothing better out there that I could ask for. His goal is to raise $5000 and pay the remaining cost himself. He could really use our support in this. Please think about a free mint to help him skate again!

Thank you so much for your support. Let's show Tom how much Gnars appreciate him and his contributions to our community. Total protocol rewards from this mint will cover half of his $5000 goal!