XXX BAG is a short erotic film of twelve erotic scenes, played out in a love triangle in Sardinia, Italy. Award winning Italian director Giulia Achenza together with creative director Isabella Ehrmann , 3D art director Federica Intelisano, producer Francesco Crespi @ Basement Milan, have collaborated with artists: Vanille Verloës, Diletta Guidolin, Elisabetta Iovine, Simone Inverardi, Andera Colacicco, Luca Cingolani, Mattia Sincinelli, Giorgia Lazzarini, Alba Marinucci, Andrea Giarrizzo and Obso Later to create twelve different cinematic scenes in connection with twelve unique digital artworks that are used to censure the fashion accessory of the bag.

The chronology of the scenes follows the months of the year from January to December, each of them features a different 3D or VFX art work. The idea of dividing the movie into twelve scenes and emulating the format of an erotic calendar came naturally as a desire to tell a story with a feminine point of view. In Italy, calendars have always been a stereotype where the woman's body and the woman herself are objectified from a male point of view. With this film, the director its the creative community wanted to overturn this cliché in which the starting point is eroticism from a feminine point of view, a non-stereotyped, intimate, profound eroticism in which even the symbol of the bag, which often represents a status symbol for a woman, is censured therefore loses the connotation of an object and becomes an extension of women's eroticism and desire.