We delve into the profound yet intricate relationship between technology and our well-being. As our lives become increasingly intertwined with digital realms, this piece explores the intriguing possibility: Can the very endorphins triggered by our 'addiction' to technology also be harnessed for healing? This generation, more than any before, has had the unique privilege of plugging into a customizable digital world, revealing an unprecedented fusion of personalization and global connectivity.

HEALWEAR examines how, with just a simple click, technology transcends physical borders, uniting people from every corner of the globe. It's not just about connectivity; it's about finding your tribe, your community. No matter how isolated or disconnected one might feel in the physical world, the digital landscape offers a sanctuary, a place to belong.

This piece reflects on the duality of technology—as a tool for connection and wellness. It invites viewers to ponder: In a world where our next moment of camaraderie or understanding is just a click away, how do we harness this incredible power responsibly? How do we balance our innate need for connection with the mindful use of technology to ensure it serves as a pathway to healing, not just a means of escape?

HEALWEAR is more than just an art piece; it's a conversation starter about the role of technology in our lives and its potential to connect us and heal, bring us together, and create a sense of belonging in an ever-expanding digital universe.
This piece is a part of Technology of Togetherness, a collective drop exploring technologies impact on culture, community, nature and the self, presented by Take Up Space.