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Fluid Matter from Mind

This project is the result of countless hours of collaboration with artificial intelligence (AI) to explore and experiment with different creative approaches. Every element of this collection, from meticulous retouching to intricate details to lighting management, is the outcome of Anemale's imagination and ingenuity. Playing sessions with AI brought bold and innovative ideas to life, while regular interventions guided and refined every aspect of creation. Each playing session was a dynamic exploration where Anemale intervened to bring his artistic vision to life, thus creating a collection that is entirely his own and unique.

The goal of this collection was to capture the essence of fluidity and movement through metaphorical and dreamlike representations. Each piece is the result of careful and thoughtful exploration, where ideas are transformed into reality through a skillful blend of traditional artistic techniques and cutting-edge technologies. Every artwork in the collection represents a harmonious fusion of different influences and inspirations, reflecting the overflowing imagination and technical expertise of the Anemale artistic project.

Subtle variations in color palette, composition, and texture add depth and richness to each piece, inviting the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the artist's captivating universe. This collection seeks to create a dynamic dialogue between the past, present, and future, using classical, mythological, and contemporary references to offer a unique perspective on timeless themes of creation, destruction, and transformation.

In this series, there is also a fairly present eroticism and a heroic aspect emanating from the elements unleashed. "In fact, it's as if I wanted to extract from great epics what gives them their strength. You know, when you read a book or watch a movie, in this type of epic, there are particular ingredients that systematically evoke emotions, it's as if I wanted to compulsively preserve that in this series. The works also feature representations of materials exploding, imploding, atoms fissuring attraction, and breath.

One should consider these beings not as creatures, but as material. Everything is in flux as movements, nothing is fixed. Materials naturally blend, subject to the physical phenomena of creation, destruction, propulsion, and emotion. It all unfolds within an introspective, dreamlike, and visionary framework, where projections, desires, and emotions are savored unconsciously.