SoundSYS™ システム Neurotrancemitter 01

In an age where reality blurs with the matrix of simulations, SoundSYS™ isn't just a device—it's an ethereal bridge to an alien core within us. As the dance of electrons and neurons meld with sonic waves, trance becomes our ambient interface, syncing deep with the primal rhythms of thyself. This isn't merely a sound system; it's a rebirth portal, pulling the self from its dormant void, asking: "Do you yearn to reconnect?"


Software providers: Yuzuha, Mizuha 罔象, Soichi 芳芽, Negative Architecture, Azrel, Genome 6.66 Mbp, Shimmer, LSTNGT

Hardware: SYS™

Tech specs:
AI model: SD v2.1
Protocol: Zora
Metadata: IPFS
Standard: ERC-721
Format: JPEG
Quality: 4K
Size: 5.6MB
License: CC0

more than the sum of its parts