“The Sleep of Reason Producers Monsters” (TSORPM) - FILM TEASER

"The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters" (TSORPM) is a film by the artistic duo 100% [@27251_100prcnt] (TiilLma,3 [@lucas414141_9] and Rodrigus Pinheiro [@rodriguss]) in collaboration with the artistic collective RONDA [@ronnnnnnnda] (Maia and Lvcas) and visual artist Bruno Magliari [@brunomagliari].

The film delves into the fictional realm of three creatures inhabiting the space of an old abandoned factory in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These creatures are said to have emerged as a result of the infiltration spreading through the building's infrastructure over time, giving rise to various puddles. These puddles are stirred by electrical malfunctions plaguing the old wiring, erosion bringing down gypsum ceilings, polluted air coursing through the corridors, and increasingly devastating heatwaves, catalyzing the emergence of these creatures in the liquid of these puddles. The monsters arise from abandonment of the building and, on a larger scale, from the maintenance of the system in which we live.

Upon discovering that such beings inhabit the building, the characters seek to capture the three creatures in images. However, the creatures do not survive— not in material form— during this capture. They gradually fade away when exposed to the cameras of smartphones and other devices at hand.

On the flip side, individuals capturing the creature find their scrolling fingers transformed into cold and brittle gypsum limbs. These gypsum limbs act as a kind of interruption to the incessant loop in social media networks and the technolinguistic automatism of our present, offering a chilling commentary on the consequences of our relationship with technology and the virtual realm.

"The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters" (TSORPM) is currently in the production phase, MINT TO SUPPORT.

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