Newtro's "Mycelium & Miscellany" Support Token

By minting this gorgeous commemorative GLB token, you'll be directly helping the Newtro community to develop actions such as:

  • Covering our "Arts and W3B" workshop to onboard new artists on the blockchain (thus making it free for artists!)

  • Helping us develop cultural actions such as having our own IRL exhibition with works from Newtro's Latin American community (thus helping us being independent from galleries!)

  • Helping us develop cultural actions such as podcasts, newsletter, content on social media, conversatories and much more to help spread the word of tokenized art.

  • Helping us develop a powerful dApp and web, the central hub for our Latam community.

  • Future possibility of burning this token to redeem a NFT from Newtro's community (this is a dynamic we want to explore, but still we cant confirm)

  • And much more!

None of our actions are charged upon artists, we are a community of artists searching for self sustenance and independence ❤

Thank you very much for supporting our project!