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BTC Halving 2024 - A Digital Epoch.

Embark on a unique digital journey with our exclusive NFT, celebrating the pivotal moment of the BTC Halving 2024. Inspired by the vibrant and dynamic "Swatches by jvmi" collection, this piece captures the essence of transformation within the crypto space.

For 24 hours only, this unique NFT will be available for minting exclusively on the ZORA network. The artwork is not only visually striking but also comes paired with original music and lyrics embedded within the piece, enhancing your experience as you own a slice of blockchain history.

75% of the proceeds will be reinvested into acquiring more art from the "Swatches by jvmi" collection, supporting the continuity and expansion of this creative ecosystem.

Don’t miss out on this time-limited offer to own a piece of crypto celebration, where art meets the future of finance in one harmonious display.

Join us in marking a milestone in cryptocurrency with a blend of art and sound that is as momentous as the event it commemorates.