Meet Black Dave.

In the wild world of Web3 NFTs, you've got the one-of-a-kind creative powerhouse Dave Curry, aka Black Dave, making waves in the last year. Mixing his signature humor, anime obsession, and music genius, Black Dave's smashed through the usual NFT scene like a rockstar.
Starting with minting anime characters back in 2020, he's totally transformed, but kept that same funky energy we all love. He even snagged a spot on nft now’s rad list, Next Up: 22 Ones to Watch in 2022, and in an awesome interview, he spilled about being a rapper, music producer, and visual artist. His art's like a wild remix of anime and manga from all sorts of artists, sparking chats and sparking inspiration.

Black Dave kicked off his innovation journey with the groundbreaking "Black Dave Verse Token," which was like the first note in the symphony of collaborative rap NFTs. His music journey's been killer too, dropping tracks like "Appreciate It" and "Kaioken 10." He went all rebel with the $SHARP token, giving folks a say in his NFT's destiny. Moving through platforms like Catalog and Sound, he kept the party going with hits like "Sharp" and "Triple Beam." Future? He's cranking it up with plans for a rock-infused EP called "WOLF" and taking his vibes to SXSW. Black Dave's all about blending the digital and the real, giving collectors an out-of-this-world experience. A thought leader, a transformer and a brilliant, Black Dave is the future.