Tōryanse (通りゃんせ) - Piece 1

This audiovisual digital art piece represents the inner strength that can sometimes seem faraway outside, but it might just be leading the way. Forming the image, the character holds a machete and she will be surprised by it taking full control. Sounds of her machete form the bed of organic beats as we plunge into a surreal Japanese audible journey, created from RHYME's beautiful koto playing.

This piece re tells the story of the magnificent tale of 'Tōryanse' ( 通りゃんせ ). It is the story of an old ominous gatekeeper and mother of a 7 year old child about to enter the right of passage. The French and the Japanese lyrics come piercing through, carrying a feminine warrior energy. Will you let it enchant you?

Original artwork by Abraham Merr Video Piece by Dontmesswithjuan Song released via SONO Music Group