Up and Down

Up and Down

Is it possible to go from heaven to hell, IRL, using an elevator?

Yes, it is. We did it last week. That's the advantage (or disadvantage) of living in a third world country. There are realities here that are impossible in many places (and are commonplace, unfortunately, in so many others).

But the most incredible thing is that hell, seen from above, is extremely beautiful. The distance makes the problems that make that area hell so blurry that we can't see them from a certain distance. Just like in a photo taken with a long exposure.

We went through hell to get to the elevator that led to heaven. We walked through two streets and alleys. We experienced it.

The vast majority of people who were with us in heaven didn't do the same. They went from their homes to a parking lot surrounded by security guards, which gave them direct access to the elevator. Wrong? Not at all.

But empty... How can you really understand and appreciate heaven without knowing at least a little about hell?