Hey Friends! - The Thumbs Up Patronage NFT

Hey friends đź‘‹

The creator economy is broken. Most patronage platforms are walled gardens connected to legacy financial services. This system is extractive and often quite slow to pay creators. Furthermore, both the creators and the patron are easily censorable.

If you’ve read much of my writing, you've probably heard me say that "NFTs are proof-of-patronage." This little token is only minted into existence once someone pays a fee and it is entirely unique. After all, that’s what non-fungible means.

So I thought to myself, why not explore this concept further and create my own non-fungible patronage token? That’s how Hey Friends! was born.

I paid a real stop motion animator named Joshua Franco (who worked on Robot Chicken among other projects) real money upfront to create a real, physical clay stop animation. I did this because I wanted to do something different, something special, something that says, "I appreciate your support."

Now available on multiple networks, Hey Friends! is your way to become a patron of my writing and help fund my work. And anyone who mints a copy can send me questions, some of which I will answer in my newsletter, Thumbs’ Update.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to disrupt the creator economy with peer-to-peer, non-fungible patronage?

If so, click the mint button.