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Metamedia: Launch Exhibition

What happens when artists, pioneers, and misfits from a range of disciplines discover a new digital playground?

Poets, music producers, creative coders, sound designers, photographers, technologists, and conceptual artists have been summoned here to deploy Metamedia for the very first time with a launch exhibition supported by Refraction.

Together, a diverse group of artists explore a range of themes: ecologies and data flows, isolation and solace, surveillance and empowerment, information saturation, technological anxiety, hypnotic states, difficult feelings, the allure of the ephemeral, and threads that connect them all.

Curated by Noah Pred, the artist behind the Metamedia concept, the birth of this new format invites you to participate in the act of discovery by exploring, combining, and recombining the various audio, visual, and text layers of these multidimensional works.

Each piece includes a control menu with a play/stop button to start or stop all audio and video layers simultaneously, along with a series of toggles to turn each audio, image, text, or video layer on or off. Hover directly over an artwork to reveal the control menu and explore the layers within.

What is Metamedia? Envisioned by Noah Pred and coded by somaticbits with support from Refraction DAO’s community grant program, Metamedia is an interactive chain-agnostic multi-layer format designed to encourage new modes of digital-native multimedia work from artists of all backgrounds and disciplines.

This official Metamedia launch exhibition is presented at Refraction's 2024 NFT NYC event at Public Records. Cover image by Kenneth Scott. The Metamedia template will be available for all artists at: