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Beyond Your Head & Heart

#StandwithCrypto and #OnchainSummer

I stand with the artists who support a global crypto-renaissance. We want to build and explore new ways for artists and fans to engage and support eachother.

Most of my music career was spent burning the candle at both ends. Guzzling gasoline, staying up until sunrise, scraping by in strange cities. Although I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything, I'm stepping into a new era. For the first time in my artistic life, I'm prioritizing routine and health. I'm focusing my entire creative force into learning out loud. The goal isn't to write a hit, produce my masterpiece, chase the illusion of success. This project is my way of stepping off the stage, and returning to the role of a student. I want to wake with new songs daily and live in limitless form. Consider this project a donation, not an investment. No utility. No road-map. No big schemes. I work a 40-hour week to support my Ableton habit. I hope this project can bring me closer to my dream of working full-time as a producer again. I thank the blockchain for allowing me to pursue new avenues in my creative journey.