Upload Imagination with Jaki Doyka

Jaki Doyka (b. 1989) is a multidisciplinary artist whose live drawing practice combines visual art, performance art, social practice, and social media. She works directly from observation, pushing the boundaries of time, speed, and endurance all while opening herself up to flowstate, accessing the subconscious. Works on paper are completed in one-shot, where witnesses can watch the artwork come to life before their eyes. As a mobile artist, Jaki activates both public and private spaces including but not limited to: clubs, music venues, restaurants, karaoke bars, coffee shops, beaches, hotels, schools, and museums.

Materials are portable and so is the energy. The work requires complete immersion and total presence, infused with a sense of play. It’s spontaneous, improvised, and in motion. Drawing as jazz—no eraser, no mistakes. Primarily using ink, watercolor, or pastel, works have taken anywhere from 2 minutes to 6 hours—averaging 20 minutes each. Part-painting, performance, and documentary, Jaki Doyka's work connects art traditions with current cultural modes of experience. As we collectively create the moment, she creates the record. All coming together in the spirit of seeing and being seen. That shared experience is broadcasted digitally, expanding viewership while preserving the alchemy of craftsmanship in a digital age.

Jaki has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Boston University and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from New York Academy of Art. Her background in classical training includes oil painting at The Copyist Program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and figurative sculpture at The Florence Academy of Art. As an artist, musician, and collaborator, Jaki Doyka has performed at MoMA PS1, Essex Flowers, Soho House, and Irving Plaza, as well as exhibited in New York at O’Flaherty’s Gallery and The Bruce High Quality Foundation. Among the notable figures she has drawn are The Rolling Stones, Björk, Charli XCX, Cornell West, Ke Huy Quan, Bill Hader, Roberta Smith, and Jerry Saltz.