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dreams(act i)

dreams(act i) is the first release from "untitled iii" a multistory ep produced in collaboration with Philly legendary producer and songwriter, HEZEKIAH (founder of Beat Society, Johnny Popcorn)

Over the course of the first quarter of 2024 we will release music in three acts, three mediums of sharing story as creators. The first is dreams (act i) a music visual & song that reflects on what it's like to navigate the industry as a woman, as an independent artist, as well as the walls artists hit sometimes when seeking to have their creations valued. In 2024, as an artist in residence at the New Orleans Museum of Art, I am continuing to actualize my belief that music is fine art for all, and that hip-hop/rap is this generation's true American art form, since jazz. (more on that later). This year is for the dreamers.

stay connected as we share more of our dreams, nightmares (act ii), and invite you into new worlds (act iii) this year.

may the inspired stay inspired,