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The Sphere's Anarchive is a dynamic, participatory open canvas where its community's memories and creativity are continuously reimagined. It challenges traditional archiving methods, creating a fluid narrative through artistic collaboration.

The Anarchiving Game, a shared contract deployed on Zora's mainnet, enables collaborators to mint, share, and collect digital objects.

This initiative aims to create a mosaic of artistic expressions, self-anarchiving The Sphere. NFTs minted on Zora are offered at minimal costs, promoting open access and diversity in digital art.

Zora's revenue share model is utilized, where creators get a fee portion for works listed for free. Rewards go to The Sphere's Commons Treasury, supporting artistic growth. Reaching 10,000 euros triggers a community governance ritual to choose new seeds to be funded.

The Anarchiving Game contract records The Sphere's evolution, capturing its journey and milestones.